Are you interested in organizing and curating your own NASTY WOMEN exhibition? We want NASTY WOMEN exhibitions to spread, thus would love it if you took what we are doing and change/adapt it to best suit your locality.

We only ask that you stick to two main points:

  1. Please be mindful to reach out to and include a diverse group of female identifying artists.
  2. The exhibition is fundraiser to raise money to support an organization of your choice that is supporting women’s rights (it could be national or local – your choice).

We would prefer if you carry on the use of NASTY WOMEN in your title. We recommend creating a website and Facebook event page that we will link to our master website designed by Barbara Smith. We have a graphics drive with logos and various color themes free to use. In addition we are willing and able to advise you on setting up the submission process, share what has worked for other locations, brainstorm with you, or just provide you with the necessary cheer squad.

The NYC exhibition was designed around hanging the work off giant letters that spell at NASTY WOMEN. If you want to do this –or maybe just one letter or word we will happily share the schematics. Or you should do your own thing completely!  Whatever you think works best for your artists, region, venue, and audience.

So contact us at if you are interested, and let’s keep getting Nasty around the world!